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Weatherbar- Is an app that shows the current weather on menu. You can show different data:

1 - Current weather
2 - Current Temperature
3 - Cloud cover
4 - Current weather & Temperature

You can also select to display in one of 18 languages

How to install

Just copy the app to the Application folder.

To make it autostart open System settings -> Users and add it to the login items.

NOTE! Since have been bought by apple no new API keys can be requested, so no new user of my app is possible at this moment. I'm looking in to find a replacement weather provider. Those already having a API it will continue to work until end 2021 (According to Apple and


Getting an ApiKey

Since I give this application away for free, I have made it so you need your own ApiKey to be able to get weather data for free.

If I would supply an ApiKey then I have to pay for it. The free ApiKey lets you query the weather data 1000 times/day and that's more than enough for this application.

How to get the Key:

1 - goto
2 - Sign Up
3 - Copy the Private ApiKey into the settings
4 - Done


This is the list of the 18 languages you can display the weather in.

If you want a missing language added, please contact me.

Contact Page



After you have setup as you want in the settings. You use the app by selecting it's menu and you will see the current weather at the top and the weather for the following hours below.

Any weather menu item: The daily forecast is displayed

Update forecast - Manually update the forecast

Settings - Open the setting window

Check for update - Check to see if an updated to Weatherbar exists, and download it.

Quit - Quit WeatherBar

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Notarized application

Weatherbar is a Notarized app this means it's an application that will not be distributed via the Mac App Store, but in other ways, but the app is checked by Apple and signed to indicate it has no malicious code in it and respects privacy of the user.
And yes the last one was the one submitted to Apple


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