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A great article from GamesKeys about some underrated sport games for iOS and Dart Trainer is listed - Article

Dart Trainer - An iPhone app that will help you improve your dart throwing skills.

- You can train on all numbers of a traditional dart board.
- Fully customizable for what numbers to train.
- All throws are logged
- Statistical view of all your throws
- The statics can be exported as a csv file
- Two different players
- Progress are automatically synced with iCloud

The pro version adds the following:

- Unlimited number of players
- Can Name the player
- Delete player

NEW Update

Supports iOS 13 including Dark Mode

New feature - swipe left on a player name (when you select a player) to edit the player name


This is the start screen where you can either select a new player och start a new round.

If you have purchased Pro it will be indicated here.

Pro will let you add, edit and delete player. Otherwise two player is available, Player 2 and Player 2

This is the Select/Edit player screen where you can edit the player, remove player or add a new player (If you have purchased pro)

From here you can also select the settings screen where you edit which number you want to train on etc.

To select the player to play as tap the name and make sure the arrow is pointing at the player.


The settings screen allows you to setup what numbers you want to train on.

Press the + sign under Singel, Double, Triple to increase or decrease the number of times it will be displayed when playing.

For 25 and 50 only single is available.

The button on the right will enable or disable the whole number from being trained on.

The main training screen.

Red dots indicates where you should throw your arrow at.

Use the + and - button to indicate how many throws you needed to hit the number.

You can also show your statistics by pressing the statistics icon in the middle bottom row.


How your statics are displayed.

Here you can also export the statistics as a CSV file.

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