AudioSwitcher- Is a terminal command that list all installed sound devices, lets you select the sound device to use, both input and output.

How to install

Just copy the executable command to the directory you want it to be installed in- I would recommend the director /usr/local/bin then it should be safe even if you do an update of macOS.


/usr/local/bin/AudioSwitcher [-a] [-c] [-n] -s device_name

-a : list all sound devices
-c : show current input and output device
-n : cycles to the next audio device
-s device_name : sets the audio device to the given device name


I wrote this command to be used together with BT (Better Touch Tool) so I could easy change sound output between my headphones or speakers. In BTT you can execute a terminal command when yo for example press a key-combination, or add a button to the Touch Bar

Example: /usr/local/bin/AudioSwitcher -s "USB audio CODEC" && amply /System/Library/Sounds/Funk.aiff

BTT Homepage


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